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Your Current Level

Please take a look at the levels below to help us form our groups. Ability levels must be stated at the time of booking in order for us to timetable our lessons. Occasionally we get requests for private lessons for families or friends of mixed abilities. If you have such requirements please let us know in advance.

If a level does not fit exactly then levels of 3/4 or 2/3 are fine too.

Group Lessons

Ski Lessons
Snowboarding Lessons

Our group lessons run from Monday to Friday, we meet at 9:15 for a 9:30 start, and usually take a short coffee break in the middle. NEW this year we are offering all day lessons in busy weeks which run 09:30 to 15:30 including a supervised lunch for children. We work on a minimum 3 and maximum 8 per group. All instructors are fluent in English so you won't be thrown into a huge group of mixed nationalities with an instructor who can't speak English. NEW this year we have separated groups with a kids club, youth academy, adult school and Snowsport academy.

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We love teaching children and helping them to enjoy their mountain experience in a safe, controlled way. We recommend that children under 5 years old have private lessons. Children 5 years and over can join group lessons (but of course private lessons are also available).

All our group lessons run from 9.30am to 12.30pm with a short break in the middle. If you wish for your child to continue lessons in the afternoons, then you can book private lessons or opt for guiding/supervision at the guiding rates. For example, an afternoon (3hrs) would cost £106 for up to 4 children or £141 for up to 8 children.

Please click here for lesson prices.

Creche facilities in Baqueira are available at the ‘Parques Infantil’, and also in our 4* chalet, Chalet Eira. Please contact us for details.

Note: Children get reduced lift passes in Baqueira. Children age 6 and under pay approximately £3 per day. Children from 7 to 12 get youth rate passes. Remember to take your children’s passports when obtaining these passes in case of any questions about their age.

If you would like to discuss anything about lesson arrangements for your children, please feel free to contact us.

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