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Ski instruction in the Spanish Pyrenees
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Meeting point

Our meeting place, unless specifically arranged otherwise, is outside the 'Bosque' Restaurant. This restaurant is located TO THE LEFT at the top of the first lifts at the 1800 metre level.

From Baqueira you have a choice of a chair lift or a telecabin - both of these lifts have been designed for pedestrians and beginner skiers so you don't have to worry about wearing your skis on these lifts. Until you find your bearings we recommend you take the gondola as it is easier to use. At the top of the gondola there is a conveyor belt (TO YOUR LEFT) which takes you down to the Bosque restaurant.

Exiting the gondola
Exiting the Gondola and taking the conveyor belt down to the Bosque Restaurant.

If you are an accomplished skier then you can obviously ski down the short slope next to the conveyor belt. We will be waiting by the ski racks by the main front doors. After lunch the lift station staff reverse the conveyor belt so that you can go back up to the gondola from the nursery area. The Spanish ski school (Era Escola) is near the Bosque Restaurant - please note we have no connection with this ski school.
Where we will meet you
The end of the conveyor belt where we will meet you. We will be wearing red jackets with a small Union Jack on them.

If you are staying in the Tanau area of Baqueira (e.g. hotels such as La Pleta) then you will probably take an older two man chair lift (the Esquiros) up to the 1800 metre area. At the top of this lift, to your right, is the Era Escola Spanish ski school . If you walk 50 metres past the Era Escola building you will arrive at the Bosque restaurant. The first time you use this lift have your wits about you! This is an old lift which goes round all day at one slow speed. Therefore when you exit you must immediately get out of the way because the chair will keep moving! If you have children make sure there is an adult with each child. There are friendly lift station staff to help you at each end.

We always carry our mobile phones in case there is a problem. As a guideline, it will take you about 10 minutes to meet up with us from the lift pass office at 1500 metres or about 20 minutes from the main car park.
Gap year course
Gap year course
Do you,or someone you know, want to become a ski instructor? Take a look at our gap year site.


"Just a note to say thank you very much for all your help, prior to our lessons, and during the lessons in Baqueira. We all had a fabulous time and found the lessons VERY worthwhile. "
Claire Thomas


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