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In addition to ski classes, we offer tuition for beginner and intermediate boarders. Snowboard lessons are an essential investment to get the fundamentals right, and with our instructors you'll be cruising around the slopes in no time. Use our experience to help you progress and get the most out of your week!

Private lessons are a popular choice, and group lessons are also available provided there are 4 of you of the same ability level booking at the same time. Have a look at the prices. Beginners should consider several days lessons - we suggest 2 hours each day for the first few days of the holiday. What can a beginner snowboarder expect? Tim Eyte, director of BB Ski School, explains all....

"The first couple of days require some patience with a snowboard. Finding your balance without being able to move one foot to correct yourself is always going to be tricky! The experience starts in the hire shop when the assistant gives you a good shove in the back, or asks which foot you have forward when you sweep the floor! This is all important stuff and getting it right will mean you get the most out of your lessons - so don't be afraid to ask questions."

" Baqueira has some fantastic slopes for beginners and patience finding your balance on the flat with an instructor will pay dividends when sliding down your first slope. The beginner slopes have 3 'magic carpets' which take you up the first slopes with ease. After finding your initial balance sliding down on the heel edge comes fairly quickly. The toe edge then takes some practice but once mastered you can try a complete turn!

" Turning shouldn't be rushed and there are stages such as 'falling leaf' and 'pedalling' which will help with the progression of a turn and reduce frustration when trying to get the board beyond the apex of the turn. "

" In your first week you really should commit to a couple of hours day with an experienced instructor. You will progress quickly, learn the most efficient way to board and therefore reduce frustration and the risk of injury. Book one of our experienced instructors and you will also come away from the holiday with your relationship intact! Every season we give lessons to inexperienced snowboarders 2 or 3 days into their holiday because a partner teaching them to board has ended in frustration from both sides. "

" There is a progression and an order in which to learn to board, and if a stage is missed out it will take you longer to get to grips with the technique. By your second and third holiday you should be moving around the mountain and meeting up with family and friends at lunch!"

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Gap year course
Gap year course
Do you,or someone you know, want to become a ski instructor? Take a look at our gap year site.


"Just a note to say thank you very much for all your help, prior to our lessons, and during the lessons in Baqueira. We all had a fabulous time and found the lessons VERY worthwhile. "
Claire Thomas


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