Tim Eyte

Tim Eyte and Feel Inspired Ltd Tim has skied since an early age when his father sold skiing holidays. His father leased a chalet in Bareges in the 1980s so Tim has a passion for skiing in the Pyrenees and has worked in Baqueira since the 2002/03 season. Tim now runs Feel Inspired Ltd while living in the Val D’Aran…

Annette Eyte

Annette Eyte Annette joined Tim in the 2003 season and is a full time instructor as well as a busy mum! She is renowned for her bubbly enthusiasm for teaching and crazy Irish anecdotes! Having gained a degree in travel management she spent several years with Virgin Atlantic as a sales manager, before joining Feel Inspired. She assists with administration…

Carlos Murillo

Carlos Murillo Carlos has worked for us full time since the 2011/12 season. He is a level 2 Spanish qualified instructor, fluent in Spanish and Catalan, with a good level of English. Carlos is always a favourite with children and nervous skiers due to his limitless patience.

Nigel Wimpenny

Nigel Wimpenny Nigel Wimpenny has been working part time with us for a number of years. He is an ISIA qualified instructor with several season experience instructing across Europe. Nigel is a native English speaker with good levels of Spanish and French.

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